Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

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Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

Post  Kify on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:28 pm

Aló Per! Grasshopers Sauce is a grate product to be comercialazed. I think you're taking advantage of the resources of south regions of Mexico in the best way. I liked your presentation, but I do not agree with the colors you decided to use(of course this is jus my opinion and you'll have to consider I am not a designer. About your message I think you can make an enfasis on the grasshopers benefits like source of animal protein or something like this. A sugestion I can mention for you is to atache an "aded value" to your product, perhaps the prehispanic history of the grasshoperes consume on the revers of bottles. This might can help you in the future to construct Public relations and this way achieve or mantain the position you want.


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