Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

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Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

Post  Kify on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:22 am

Hi Erick! so your product is the Chocolate Bonbons with cheesse. I have to say I'm dying to taste one of those. Your idea is simply original with a high possibility of became successful. I confese the name " Tehuatzin" is a little bit complicated to remember for me, but when you explain about the origin of it I realized it could be used for a good purpose, my sugestio is that you use this explanation like an "aded value" to the pacakage of the product. This way your clients could empatize more with the brand. I found also that you have a good slogan and position. About the dummy of advertising I think ypu really use the concepts seen in class for bring your magazine ad to the "movement" of art with the technique "go with the flow". Ok. See U!!!


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