Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

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Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

Post  Kify on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:59 pm

Aló Maira! Your product is about Tapioca Pudding, I think it is not that comon in popular social clases, but it is on your target market so you may have to defeat some competitors. this is why I propose you to analize yor advertising goals in order to esablish one or to for fighting with competitors. The other sudestion I want to tell you is about billboards, do not get me wrong, I honestly think is a good way of advertising that could help to defeat copetition like I said, but do you have the resources for doing this? Also, about your P.R, I have a question How would you economically support this? For the last I liked to say that your message is well done "good flavor + nutrition", just remember is not the only product on the market with this message.


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