Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

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Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

Post  Kify on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:39 pm

Hi! Hi! Marki, this is a good oportunitie to make you the sugestions I thought about your product. -since I have tasted it, is worthy to say I love them. I could eat Apple Pearls forever. Your presentation was concret, the basic points you explained were acoording to the concepts we all have learned and you apply them well. The observation that made the teacher about the target market is important. Though, the idea was undertood perfectly. The most important sugestion I can offer you is to chek your promotional mix, for I think you can also use advertising on children magazines like cartoon network, nickelodeon, barbie and disney's magazines (princess, art atack). Ok that's all see you soon jeje.


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