Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

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Critique of your product and presentation from Kify

Post  Kify on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:46 pm

Hi! Caro. Well, your Fibran Mix Sake product souns very interesting. Your target market is well defined and you seem to really understand it and have knowledge about it (what's important as the teacher said). About your presentation, I liked the way you capt our atention by showing concret slides full of images instead of text, and since you know how to express yoursel so well, I have to say this is a very important tool when you present your product to the entrepreneurial business think the promotional mix of your work plan is in order to achieve your goals. The only thing I have doubt about is the "phone calls with doctors". Perhaps I need a better explanation to this, t understood this will be kind of "free advertising", but you'll have to paid private doctors right?. Ok That's all from me. Ciao


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