chicatanas critique

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chicatanas critique

Post  Jesús Salas Tornes on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:53 pm

Hi, the truth is… your product left me speechless! In fact, I support a lot the use of Mexican ingredients for the development of new products, however it´s sad to recognize that those products are more acceptable on the foreign market than on ours. It is unpleasant to know that you have to work a lot in your positioning but it´s really refreshing for me the presentation of the chicatana ant as a snack. In my opinion, they taste great and it would be interesting to exploit the nutritional aspect about the high protein content because as we all know Mexico´s issues with malnutrition and obesity are becoming serious national health problems that could find an answer with the product you areworking with. At last, it would be nice for you to contact the SEP to take your product to other levels that may surely work.

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