Critique Fibramix

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Critique Fibramix

Post  Erick on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:45 pm

You know how to sell your product, but now a days not only the persons of certain age have digestion problems, young persons like you can have that problems so you can attack that market also, the logo of your company at first make me think it was for young person it was very colorfull and modern. To promote your product you say you are going to use radio that's a good point and you explain it but the telephone part i think it's to much, it's like you need to call for an advise or a prescription so in my opinion you should eliminate it. In general you have a good product i think it is good for this kind of time that not everyone has the time to take care of themselves.


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Re: Critique Fibramix

Post  Carolina Ponce on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:17 am

Hi Erick... thank you for your comments i really apreciate your opinion and i would like to know more about it in order to improve the product, so i'm replying hoping to read your comments again. I definetely agree about the expansion of the market, I didn't mention it in the exposition, but it can also be consumed and it is ideal for children, since nowadays children are having so much digestion problems because parents are not concerned enough about the food they eat. I myself have seen at least 3 cases of kids that already have had their stomachs and intestins washed because they can't evacuate at all, and one of them had an emergency surgery.
I'll explain the telephone thing (since you are not the only one that told me this, but for other comments i think it was misunderstood). The ring ring thing is going to be used for assistance and selling, specially in the first stage of the launching of the product, since it is not considered to be offered in supermarkets at first, but to create a captive market specially with a mouth-to-mouth promotion (and in some magazines), for old people value the opinion of their mates and family (plus they don't use internet and mail is waaaay tooo looooong to be used as a selling way). After that, the telephone is going to be used mostly just for complains and opinions, but they will also have assitance as a plus (this is because old people need to feel that you are concerned for them, they are old, and they need to feel usefull and that there is someone who cares about them, so it will be more of a psycological thing actually). Now, if you still think it is too much, i would apreciate it if you tell me, and (if you want) give me some advices on a different method.
Aaaand... i think i'll stop here, 'cause if not i'll write a bible... but i really apreciate to hear your comments...

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