Healthy Ice cream

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Healthy Ice cream

Post  Erick on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:08 am

Ice cream and healthy i think that's a winner idea, as you said in your presentation you also want it as a helpfull food not just healthy, you said that it was going to be at first for girls, that part i am not totatlly agree you are losing a very huge part of the population when it comes to food i think it should be for everyone, men also wants to be healthy, so in recommend you said your logo it's going to be like a flower, i think you need to create one ice cream for men and another for women and create one image for each one so we can identified ourselves with the brand, in general it's a good idea you just have to define some markets and the flavors. Also you need to know how to balance healthy without losing flavor that's the hard part.


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