Critique chocolate

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Critique chocolate

Post  Carolina Ponce on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:48 pm

Hey Erick!... first of all let me tell you that i loved your product!... I love cheese (even more if it is mexican!), and chocolate (of course i'm a woman) and the combination, let me tell you, i found it excellent!!! I can't wait to buy it... And i loved the picture you took in your rooftop, i'm a huge fan of the sky and that picture was awesome!!!.. And now... i have to make a critique, which is going to be difficult... soooo, since i loved your product, I think you should consider more ways of advertisements, flyers and magazines i think are not enough... I think it may be good to try outdoor ads (like billboards and bus stops)... think about it, clients might see your chocolate before getting in the bus and they could think about it all the way home.

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Re: Critique chocolate

Post  Alfonso on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:34 am

I like your product and the idea of a 100% Mexican product, but the truth is that i have never tried the mix between chocolate and cheese, but i would like to. This kind of Mexican products are perfect to sale in and outside the country, because in the country it finally shows that there are good ideas and products, and out of the country the would discover a few of the mexican flavors that surely atracts them to come for more of our products, ideas and flavors. In general i consider that your product could be sell withot a problem in a "chocolateria" or any other place where you want it.


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