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Post  Jesús Salas Tornes on Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:54 am

Hi Bere, the tendency of healthy products is a “do”, for that reason I think you have the ability to sell your product well; however, I consider that you have to check some characteristics about your product. I don´t wanna be rude but I don´t believe the place you want to sell your product is good enough because in a night club is hard for people to taste snacks (as the really interest frequently goes to alcohol and beverages, not caring about the healthy snacks that they could eat). So, considering all these, perhaps your positioning should change. Also, I think that the dried fruit concept is already in use by Sabritas, so you may be more successful if working with a gourmet store or maybe target it to athlete people or the ones who enjoy the natural food and can afford it. Definitively, I wanna taste your product!

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